The renewed “Tournament of Peace,” sponsored by the city of Zagreb and its mayor Milan Bandić, is surely the most demanding and unrivalled chess manifestation of its kind in the Republic of Croatia.
The tournament is set to be held from November 12th to 23rd, thus coinciding with Vukovar Remembrance Day (November 18). The commemoration of the time when Croatia was at its most vulnerable during the war, threatened by Serbian armed forces as well as those of the Yugoslav People’s Army, has proven to be the right time for this tournament to be taking place, and a chance for Zagreb and Croatian chess players to show their adherence to peace and international cooperation.
Vladimir Vuković, the late world-renowned chess theorist, said during the first “Tournament of Peace”: “Even though it is structurally an image of war, the game of chess is in fact more inclined to point its admirers towards the devotion of peace since the battles fought on chessboards are pole opposites of actual war. These battles have been taking place for centuries without thoughts of physical or moral degradation, or injury, to the opponent, with chess games at all levels ending in heartfelt handshakes. This opposition of chess to war is not only intrinsically true but also very old, which is best seen in the oldest written records on ancient chess, the Indian chatarunga. In his writings on the king Sri Harsha (613-650 BC), a nobleman praised the king’s peacefulness and claimed: ‘During his reign there were no disputes but those amongst honeybees, nothing was cut short but verses, and no armies were kept but those on chessboards.’”
The Croatian coat of arms, a chessboard, can therefore also be regarded as a symbol of peace.
The Zagreb Chess Federation would like to thank all sponsors, particularly the Sports Association of the City of Zagreb, and all governing bodies of the city of Zagreb and its mayor Milan Bandić for their support in organizing this tournament. We believe this tournament will put Zagreb on the map of leading chess centres around the world, and help Zagreb’s, and Croatia’s, worldwide promotion.
The contestants of the “Tournament of Peace” are: Vassily Ivanchuk, the former World Champion challenger and rapid chess World Champion of 2016; Nigel Short, former World Champion challenger; Ivan Šarić, Croatian and current European Champion; Zdenko Kožul, former European Champion, and many other grandmasters playing at the tournament. This will guarantee a true chess spectacle with performances that will capture the interests of chess players around the world.
As part of the tournament, there will be an array of events on the tournament’s day off (November 18 2018) during which several simuls will be held between leading world grandmasters and chess players from Zagreb clubs, leading Zagreb cadets, juniors, and school children. There is also going to be a simul with business people, civil servants, politicians and members of the public and culture life of Zagreb.
The Zagreb Chess Federation believes that this tournament, with the quality of its contestants and organization, will justify its existence, and that this tradition will continue in the times to come.

August 2018,
The President of the Zagreb Chess Federation,
Nenad Škare


In April 1965 the first “Tournament of Peace” took place, organized by Zagreb city officials and Zagreb chess players. The first place was shared by Borislav Ivkov and Wolfgang Uhlmann with 13.5 points in 19 matches, while the World Champion Tigran Petrjosan held the third place with 12.5 points. The other contestants were Portisch, Parma, Bronstein, Larssen, and others. Amongst the other contestants were Zagreb players Marović, Minić, Damjanović, Udovčić and Bertok.


The second “Tournament of Peace” was held in Rovinj and Zagreb in 1970 and is remembered by the performance of the legendary Robert James Fischer. Bobby easily secured the first place with a two point advantage over the chess elite of that time, thus announcing his rise to the world throne.
That tournament’s results were the following:
1) Fischer – 13 points (17)
2-5) Hort, Gligorić, Smislov and Korčnoj – 11 points (17)
6) Petrjosan – 10.5 points (17)
The following contestants were chess players from Zagreb: Minić, Bertok, Kovačević (the only one who beat Fischer), Marović and Udovčić.


The third “Tournament of Peace” was played in 1975 and the results were as follows:
1) Sax – 8.5 points (13)
2-4) Kovačević, Nikolac and Ceškovski – 8 points (13)
5-6) Tringov and Hulak (13)
7-8) Ljubojević and Andersson – 7 points (13)


The last “Tournament of Peace” took place in 1985 and was marked by the great success of the legendary Zagreb grandmaster Krunoslav Hulak who won the second place behind Jan Timman, one of the world’s best players of that time, with a score of 8.5/13.